Services include:

  • Service road network design and installation 
  • Wind turbine generator foundation design and installation 
  • Underground cabling installation 
  • Switchyard/utility interconnect design and construction 
  • Collection system 
  • Turbine erection 
  • Mechanical and electrical completion 
  • Repowering

Featured Project

Whispering Willow North

The Whispering Willow North wind project is located in Franklin County, Iowa. This wind farm is an expansion of the existing Whispering Willow East wind farm. The project produces 200 megawatts generated by 81 General Electric 2.3 MW and 2.5 MW turbines. The Whispering Willow North wind farm project provided jobs to more than 150 local union members. Area businesses also saw a substantial increase in revenue from our workforce. The energy generated from Whispering Willow North is enough to power around 93,000 homes annually.

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