White Construction Inc. and OSHA partner together on the Big Sky Wind Project to improve safety in the Wind Industry

In an effort to further enhance safety for workers at the Big Sky Wind Project in north central Illinois, White Construction Inc. of Clinton, Ind., Region V Wind Farm Response Team and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration have established a strategic partnership.  This partnership is supported by Edison Mission Energy, developer of Big Sky, and the local Ironworkers, Operators, Laborers and Electrical unions.

This Partnership is designed to address the construction hazards specific to the Wind Energy Industry, and to promote and recognize jobsites that have developed effective health and safety programs.  It will serve to establish a cooperative effort ensuring safety and maintaining an open line of communication between OSHA, the site owner and contractors at the worksite.    It allows for better use of OSHA resources and encourages participation in all aspects of the safety process from the wind energy community.  The overall goal of the partnership is to prevent work-related fatalities, control or eliminate serious workplace hazards, improve training for all skilled workers on site and establish best practices that can be shared within our unique industry.

White Construction is proud to be partnering with OSHA to create a proactive approach to safety.  Through this partnership we hope to increase awareness and set industry standard safety practices for all companies to utilize, ensuring the safety of wind workers across the US.  This is the first partnership of its kind in the Wind Energy Industry and will hopefully pave the way for many more to come.

The Big Sky Project is a 240 megawatt wind farm located in Ohio, East Grove and May Townships in Bureau and Lee Counties, Ill. When complete, the Big Sky Project will be the largest wind farm in the Midwest developed by Edison Mission Energy.  (EME), which has 28 wind projects in operation or under construction in 10 states.   EME is a part of the Edison International family of companies headquartered in southern California.